7 Causes of Chronic Disease

Functional Medicine Practitioners use an approach centered on the human body and the root cause of disease when it comes to handling those with chronic illness.  In contrast, traditional medicine tends to focus on the disease itself, plus the resulting symptoms that are presented.  A Functional Medicine practitioner will shift that focus in order to […]

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Are You Tolerant…and we’re not talking politics!

In order for you to be healthy, your body, mind and spirit has to be able to tolerate stress that comes into your life.  That stress can be in the form of lifestyle, psychological stress, toxins in the environment, hormone fluctuations, food sensitivity, exposure to pathogens or disease states. And getting healthier starts with tolerance.  […]

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5 Must Have Supplements to Support Autoimmune Health

Whether you have Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or any of the hundreds of other autoimmune diseases, you can support your condition. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to feel like yourself again, control your symptoms and feel more energetic? Autoimmune diseases emerge when your immune system becomes overly stressed and confused and begins to see your body as […]

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Invitation to Bone Broth Open House

Believe it or not, the start of school is right around the corner!  Here at Dr. Peter Kan’s practice in Gilbert, AZ, we are getting ready, and keeping healthy in preparation for the new school season. As families gear up for the season of new schedules, teachers, extra curricular activities and all the excitement that […]

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