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Taking place Wednesday March 20th at 11:00AM Pacific

This Free Online Masterclass is for you if:
You have at least one autoimmune condition
Your loved ones have an autoimmune condition
You suspect you have an autoimmune condition
You have chronic symptoms but all your lab tests are normal
You’ve taken medications and supplements and they are not helping
You are frustrated that your doctor is not listening
You are lost and don’t know what works and what doesn’t
You are sick and tired of not being your best and ready to get answers and get better!

By attending, you will learn:

  • The BIG idea that is sweeping functional medicine by storm
  • Why most people don’t get accurate diagnosis of autoimmune
  • What is the true nature of autoimmune and where is the break down
  • The exact mechanism for why the gut and brain is involved
  • How inflammation leads to symptoms and more importantly, who is the arsonist
  • What test is available to identify the root cause

Spaces is limited to 200 participants. Click the Register Now button to reserve your seat

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