Patient with digestion dysfunction and depression looses 20 pounds and energy is restored

After feeling sluggish and suffering with depression and heartburn for a couple years, Betsy came to Hope Integrative Wellness to seek alternative treatment to conventional medicine. After going through our unique and innovative NeuroMetabolic Integration program for 3 months, her depression and heartburn is gone, energy restored and she lost 20 pounds on the new […]

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30 years of hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, brain fog, digestive issues all resolved in 6 months and lost 38 lbs!

Check out the amazing results that one of our patients has experienced since starting my program. If your suffering with thyroid dysfunction, you can register to attend the free Thyroid Solutions Workshop next Tuesday at 5:30PM and learn the number one cause of thyroid problems, why most people still experience thyroid symptoms even when lab […]

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