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What Is The B.I.G. Idea?

Brain - Immune System - Gut

Most people have no idea about the precise role that their digestive health and diet play in their overall health. We’ve all know that we’re supposed to eat “healthy” but what exactly does healthy mean? The digestive system is a major part of what’s called the mucosal immune system, which is responsible for 70% of the immune system activity in our bodies.

This means that the wrong food doesn’t just affect things like weight gain, it also affects how vulnerable we are to other diseases, and the function of every other bodily system including those responsible for hormone balance, mood, energy levels and much, much more. Dr. Kan has developed a unique system to identify and fix imbalances in your diet and lifestyle as well as sensitivity to common substances in the environment you may not even realize could be causing you harm.

What will you get?

home test
1. An easy at home test

1. An easy at home test

home test
2. A Detailed Health Report

Your testing report will contain your personalized health blueprint, a map to not just the perfect diet for your mind and body, but also to how you can change your lifestyle to fix health problems you may not have even realized were a part of the problem.

home test
3. Personal Health Planning With Dr. Kan

To help you create a concrete path that you can follow to get you healthier than ever, you’ll get a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Kan to examine all the information revealed by your test. In your one-on-one consultation he’ll teach you how to turn the information into precise, actionable health goals that you can implement to feel healthier and happier than ever.

Dr Kan’s
Unique Approach

Dr. Peter Kan has decades of experience blending traditional medical approaches with a encyclopedic knowledge of the holistic health systems of the body. By integrating the latest medical science with everything he has learned about the importance of supplementation, diet and the brain, immune and gut system connection he has created a unique approach that has allowed him to successfully assess and treat hundreds of people whose symptoms baffled other doctors. The Neuro Metabolic Integration Program is not a one-size fits all approach to health, but the culmination of everything he has learned.

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Your Outcome

The Neuro Metabolic Integration Program is about fixing the foundations of your health so that you can build a stronger, happier, healthier you.

Clients have reported:

weight-control Easier and healthier weight control
brain-fog Eliminated Brain Fog
cognitive Improved Cognitive Function
muscle Improved Energy and Mood
digestion Better Digestion and Regularity
sleep Better, More Restful Sleep
moodswings Improved Moodswings
thinking Reduced Inflammation and Pain
Gut Health

Heal your gut,
heal your brain
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